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Baltimore Dog Bakery creates the next best thing to a belly scratch: all natural dog treats that’ll make your dog sit, stay, roll over and beg for more.  You won’t find any preservatives, additives or extra sugar in our treats, just wholesome ingredients your dog will love. Baltimore Dog Bakery bakes many flavors, including “original,” “carrot,” “peanut,” “low-fat apple cinnamon” and “combo” – which is a variety of all our tasty flavors.  Our treats come in three sizes: Regular sized bones (3”), Little Bites (1” square) and Tiny Bites (perfect for training).

The Regular 3” bone-shaped treats are baked in custom molds designed by owner Key Wagner. The Little and Tiny Bites are made the old fashioned way – hand cut prior to baking.

To find Baltimore Dog Bakery treats follow your nose to your local grocery, pet or health food store.  To order by phone, call (410) 737-6533.

Retail Price List: baltimore dog bakery ingredients

1-3 lbs  $5.00/lb
3-5 lbs  $4.75/lb
5-10 lbs $4.50/lb
10-20 lbs $4.00/lb
20+ lbs $3.75/lb

Prices apply to any size and flavor. Shipping is additional and varies depending on the region.

Also Available for those pups with sensitive palates ~
Wheat-free and Corn-free bakery treats for dogs with allergies - available in Little Bites and Tiny Bites.


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